Stomach Pain in Children | Facts You Need to Know

Stomach pain in children can emerge for a variety of reasons. It can be caused by the ingestion of wrong food, parasitic infestation, or structural damage in the digestive tract. Diagnosing such pain involves checking different signs your child might exhibit. Prompt medical attention, as well as preventive measures, can help in preventing not just pain, but also other damaging bodily effects on the gut.

Abdominal pain in children explained

Just like adults, pain can also be experienced by children. And just like in adults, the pain can come from all kinds of sources. What are the main reasons such pain emerges in kids? Here are some of the top reasons.

  • Eating the wrong food- Sometimes, pain can be felt when there’s something wrong with the food they ate. Remember that the digestive tract of young ones is not as developed as ours, so their tummies tend to be more sensitive. Indigestion and allergies are among the most common reasons of kids’ stomach ache.
  • Infections- While infections can happen regardless of what age, children are more prone to such pain due to the fact that their immune system is not quite up to it yet. What’s more, they tend to put all kinds of things in their mouth, which can contribute to incidences of such infections. Parasitic microbes and worms can live inside the child’s gut, causing pain and loss of nutrition, among others.
  • Gut disorders- While some causes of stomach pain like ulcers may seem to belong to the realm of adults, particular gut disorders can affect children too. Among the disorders that can be acquired at a young age include irritable bowel syndrome. In rare cases, structural defects such as obstructions and cancer may emerge in children, causing untold amounts of pain.

Diagnosing tummy ache in children

Checking when others are at pain is a tricky proposition to say the least. Unless they are showing it, it would really be tough to identify that they are actually pained. What’s more, children tend to be less vocal about what they feel because of fear of being scolded. Here are the different ways to identify if your kid is having some form of tummy trouble.

  • Difficulty in doing day-to-day tasks- Pain can be quite a debilitating stimulus. If your kid is bothered by stomach pain, they tend to be inattentive and inactive.
  • Difficulty eating- Anyone who had stomach aches knows that it can make people eat less. If your kid suddenly loses his/her appetite, that can be a telling sign.
  • Telltale signs of pain- There are rare instances when kids do show they are feeling pain in their tummy. They will either say “my tummy aches” or they can point to their stomach.
  • Other symptoms- There are other signs that must be watched out for. If the kid is having symptoms such as cold sweating, dizziness, and vomiting, it’s a positive that he/she is having trouble down there.

Diagnosing stomach pains in children

Stomach Pain in ChildrenBecause of the fragile state of children’s bodies, one must act immediately when stomach pains emerge. There’s simply no way to tell how serious the pain he/she is feeling at the moment and what is the root cause of such pain. Because of this, it is strongly advised that he/she must visit the pediatrician. A consultation with a gastro specialist may also be recommended. During consultation, the doctor may ask particular questions to the patient. He/she may also undergo various medical tests. Depending on the results of the consultation, a definitive answer on what bothers the child can be made.

Preventing stomach aches in children

While it’s true that you can only do so much to stop particular health conditions from happening, there are all kinds of measures you can do to ensure that your child is less prone to stomach pains. Here are some of the things you can do to lessen the incidences of such pain.

  • Monitor what they eat
  • Prevent them from ingesting or chewing random objects
  • Encourage frequent hand washing.

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